The Hanks - Opener (Cover Artwork)

The Hanks

Opener (2000)


Let's give it up to the local bands, even if this particular band isn't actually in my local area. But hey, someone introduced to me this "pop-rock-punk-ska" band by the name of The Hanks. These Oregon folks are quite mature for a first demo which was recorded in their trailor home. The sound quality is just below professional quality, but it's not at the level in which you really notice it and let it bother you.

Opener is a four song debut ep featuring horns and vocals that sound like it might be coming out of a Reel Big Fish album. The first track, "I Had Just Hoped" is probabaly my favorite off the track, and if you head on over to their website, you'll be able to download these songs and some of their newer songs, which apparently are recorded on higher quality. Or if you're lazy, just click here for it. If you decide to head to that link, I recommend downloading the song called "Guilty". It shows much progression from this EP. However, I'm doing a review of Opener, not their non-album songs! As this record stands, it's much better than most uh... garage ska bands, but it does lack the depth that they've started to gain in their later songs.

I don't see too many local/true DIY reviews on this site, and I think it's a good place to turn people on to good music. I'd definately keep an eye on The Hanks, because as they gain experience they may just be the next great American ska band. Or something.