Strike Anywhere - To Live in Discontent [12 inch] (Cover Artwork)

Strike Anywhere

To Live in Discontent [12 inch] (2005)


Chunksaah Records recently released the LP version of the "smacking of record contract fullfillment" B-sides, rarities, and demos collection from one of my favorite modern melodic hardcore acts, Strike Anywhere. I had been turned on to Inquisition (Thomas, SA singer's old band) around the time of the CD release of their material (long after they'd splintered). So, I was immediately interested in what his new band was going to be all about. I was lucky enough to get a tape of Strike Anywhere's demo and was hooked from moment #1 and have rarely missed a chance to see them live (highly recommended).

Their debut, the Chorus of One EP, was an instant classic and still remains a high-water mark for them (although Exit English would be my recommendation for introducing yourself to this band). This collection includes the now out-of-print Chorus of One EP along with their Fat Club 7" songs (which were re-recorded songs from their demo), the Underground Europe 2001 Genoa Benefit 7" (another demo track), an Exit English outtake, and some nondescript covers (Gorilla Biscuits, Dag Nasty, and Cock Sparrer).

I'm sorry to report, however, that the only tracks on here that are really worth having are from the Chorus of One EP. I love Exit English, but I'm glad "Two Fuses" was left on the cutting room floor. The 7" songs are good, but not really worth springing for this collection on their own (especially if you already have everything they've put out like me). The only track I'm aware of that is missing is the acoustic version of Change is a Sound's "Chalkline," from Punk Goes Acoustic, which seems like an odd ommission.

I've already sold my CD version of this but figured the picture disc might be cool to have. But, in the end, I'd have to recommend searching out the Chorus of One CD|EP or 12" before they become high-priced eBay items and leave this collection to the newbies who will be jumping on the bandwagon once their Fat Wreck Chords album comes out next year (and many may have discovered this great band the past summer due to the band's inclusion on the Warped Tour.

Unless you're after it just for the art, which was good enough reason for me to buy it, but I'm nutty like that. And the vinyl does sound great.