Horace Pinker - Copper Regret (Cover Artwork)

Horace Pinker

Copper Regret (2000)


I'm sure all you people have at least heard of Horace pinker somewhere or another, but never really given any of their albums a full listen.

That is the main purpose for this review. To kinda spread the word about what I feel is one of the most underated bands in punk today.

After the semi successful album "Burn Tempe to the ground" was released in 1996, The band took a long break from touring...which had most people spreading rumors of a breakup. Not the case at all. When the band resurfaced in mid 2000 with a new EP "copper regret" and new full length in the works, HP had restored all faith in their longtime fans.

But anyway, enough of a band bio and on to the record. Its a little different for HP, but in a good way totally. A bit slower, than the 2 previous albums but still a great fuckin record and is becoming my favorite HP material so far.

This band still retains the melodic punk sound that a lot of bands are capitalizing on today, but HP still has that different edge to them and this record is no different. Songs like "south stanley place" "trajectory" and "clearer" show exactly why.

Well, long review short, awesome record...definitley my favorite punk album of the year. Actually all their albums rank pretty high on my list. definitley check them out for sure...any and all of their records just kick ass. also, expect a review of their latest full length "pop culture failure" coming soon....oh boy right?