Thursday - Full Collapse (Cover Artwork)


Full Collapse (2001)



Before I got this CD I'd heard only a couple of songs off of it, I liked them and I decided to buy the CD. To my dismay my local music store didn't have it so I had to ask them to order it for me. I waited 5 days and payed 16 bucks for it (a price that I thought was pretty outrageous at the time). I went home, popped it into my CD player and pressed play. What followed was something that I wasn't prepared for. It just completely blew me away. I could not believe what I was hearing. I was hearing some of the most intense, emotional music I'd ever heard. I listened to the entire CD without skipping a song (something I rarely do) and each song was a masterpiece. I'd go so far as to say it was flawless. The only thing that would dissapoint me was when the song would end. I wanted to hear more dammit! Emo punk as a category would not do them justice. Sure, they're emotional, but they're so much more. I mean they're just in a category all their own. I can't possibly describe the style and do them justice. The lead vocals are soothing, but behind it is the backup that unleashes pure passion in his voice. The musicianship is just awesome with a subtle touch of piano in some of the songs. I can honestly say that I believe that everyone should atleast hear this CD once. Now I know that some "Hardcore Punkers" are gonna jump on my back and call me an Emo fag and what not. Say what you must, but it won't change just how incredible this album is. The $16 bucks that I paid was well worth it.