Uphollow - Jackets for the Trip (Cover Artwork)


Jackets for the Trip (2005)

Hill Billy Stew

David Barker

As much time as I spend on the Internet, browsing webzines, combing the All Music Guide, and drooling at record labels' vast catalogs, having never even heard of Uphollow came as a shock, and the surprise went even deeper after discovering that they're really fucking good, sounding identical to no one -- the songwriters in this band appear to have impeccable taste, whereas they've been able to mine deeply into the vaults of American music, extracting the best of various times and places, then injecting a flair that's exclusively theirs.

Comprised of four innovative multi-instrumentalists with a knack for bizarre song structures, and yet a keen understanding of pop elements, the Colorado quartet defies labeling. Ian Cooke's cello tends to drive the songs, while Ian O'Dougherty and Whit Sibley take turns with the plodding, but interesting bass-lines. Justin Ferreira isn't to go unmentioned -- his role as a drummer is vital, but he goes beyond that, throwing in a tambourine here or bells there. The entire band, save for Ferreira, share the vocal duties.

Uphollow's past touring experience with artists ranging from Hot Water Music and All Night Radio to the Decemberists and Rainer Maria makes perfect sense. When even the independent music scene starts to again fall into an era of conformity and stagnancy, Uphollow shines as a misfit, unable to be pigeonholed or categorized, brilliantly scathing to the monotony of their peers while modestly revealing themselves, via record, as simply a gang of friends with creativity as #1 on their agenda.