Dag Nasty - Four On The Floor (Cover Artwork)

Dag Nasty

Four On The Floor (1992)


In the summer of '92 four members of the defunct D.C. punk/hardcore band Dag Nasty found themselves in L.A. with an entire summer to waste. The four members Dave Smalley, Dale Nixon (Brian Baker), Roger Marbury, and Colin Sears decided to make the best of their summer together.

The outcome: Four On The Floor: one of the best records in punk today. Actually, I'm very suprised I havent reviewed this already. It practically stays in my CD player. Definitely one of my top 5 records of all time.

Four On The Floor was a bit slowed down from previous albums like, Can I Say/Wig Out At Denko's, 85 to 86 and others, but also seemed to retain the hardcore edge they were always known for. songs like "Million Days", "Going Down" and the fucking awesome "S.F.S. (sound for sound)."

The band, sadly, is no longer together and haven't been since this record. This was just a reunion album to give the fans one last record before they split for good. You can still catch members of this legendary group in bands like Bad Religion, Down by Law, The Sharpshooters, and some of their previous bands, DYS, Minor Threat and others.

To bring it to and end, I figured this site could use more reviews by legends such as these guys. If you havent heard Dag Nasty yet, well, you really need to. you're missing out, so go now, and buy it.

Plus its good music to skate to.