Saw Wheel - The Next Train (Cover Artwork)

Saw Wheel

The Next Train (2005)

Hill Billy Stew / Hazzard

Remember when Strung Out tried to play Southern acoustic music, but ultimately failed? Well, undeterred by this, Saw Wheel have gone right ahead and attempted the feat themselves.

Although Rumbleseat may have the 'punk' market covered for this type of music, Saw Wheel are good contenders to their throne. Lyrics to "The Obvious Hit" and "Southern Rock Anthem" echo singer Richard Crenweldge's old band One Reason, while tracks like "Train Wreck Story" just seem to burrow into your head even more with each passing listen. Richard's voice is reminiscent of a lighter Chuck Ragan, which could never be a bad thing.

Sadly, the album doesn't keep its pace very well, and sequencing becomes a big issue towards the end. "Black Sparrow" and "Country Lines" do seem to drag on too long, and make it hard to listen to the album continually through. Some tracks also sound a little too much like Rumbleseat, most noticeably "Ghost Town Story," which if you are not listening carefully, could very easily of been a track on their recent discography.

Still, the album is pretty solid, and topped of with a cover of Avail's "Lombardy St.;" makes for a great listen. Whole-heartedly recommended to fans of Rumbleseat and Tim Barry's solo stuff.