Dirt - Black and White (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Black and White (2000)


Dirt. That's pretty much what this is. Black and White is a collection of every song recorded by this early-`80s British crust band. There isn't really much great about this band. Basically, I had to send $9.00 to Profane Existence for two CDs of really, really, really bad Crass with a screechy female singer. The first disc starts out sounding just like Crass, minus the musical talent of Penny Rimbaud and Pete Wright. Dirt also has a "slogan," revealed on the track "Democracy." Rather than the insightful and memorable Crass slogan, "Fight War, Not Wars," Dirt has "Object Refuse Reject Abuse," which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Later on Disc 1, Dirt does a cover of "House of the Rising Sun," which, in my opinion, is the high point of the double album. None of the other songs are even somewhat memorable.

I don't even know if I can review Disc 2, considering that it was so boring that I couldn't once listen to it all the way through, even after having it for about 5 months.

The best part of this CD is the packaging. The discs are in a small cardboard sleeve, almost like a tiny LP. The booklet included shows some of the band's Crass-ripoff artwork, has about two pages telling the story of the band, and has all of the band's crappy "Fuck the System!" lyrics.

I don't even know if this is even in print anymore. Only get this if you really, really like crust and anarcho, and you have all of the Nausea collections, every Misery album, and a Crass logo tattooed on your chest or private parts. Or get it if you're tryin' to be more punk than your average squatter.