Misery - Production Thru Destruction (Cover Artwork)
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Production Thru Destruction (2005)

Crimes Against Humanity

This album, the cryptically titled Production Thru Destruction, is the first album by early `90s Minneapolis band Misery. Misery is one of the bands that shaped the modern crust sound, along with their better-known NYC counterparts, Nausea. The LP was released on Profane Existence in 1992, but the CD was reissued this past year.

Production Thru Destruction is, all in all, a pretty cool CD. Basically, it sounds like Amebix, but with some really throaty vocals. The lyrics are all usual crusty topics: Nuclear war, animal testing, evil corporations, and, of course, more nuclear war. The guitars are fuzzy, like Icons of Filth, but also really heavy, like Amebix's. So, basically, if you're looking for metallic, left-wing crust that still has a punk rock core, that's basically what you're gonna get.

The disc's biggest problems are the fact that the tracks seem to run together (well, it is crust), and that it seems a little overdone. Then again, maybe this kind of band was original in 1992. Personally, I don't think it's as good as Nausea, but from what I've heard, Misery gets better on their later releases.

The packaging is kind of dumb. The back of the case has song titles in gothic lettering superimposed over a picture of skulls. I don't think that putting a picture of skulls on an album has ever been original. Also, the track listings on the package, online, lyrics sheet, and the disc itself differ a little. I'm still wondering if I'm listening to "New Clear Age" or "Nuclear Age."

Anyway, this is pretty good overall. Uhh…up the punx.