Countdown to Life - Govern Yourself Accordingly (Cover Artwork)

Countdown to Life

Govern Yourself Accordingly (2005)

New Age


Raw passion is the only way to describe this album. Portland, Oregon's Countdown to Life come back with their sophomore release via New Age Records and accomplish everything a heavy band would like to accomplish with Govern Yourself Accordingly. Filled with catchy guitar riffs, passionate vocals and politically influenced lyrics, GYA seems to jump out of the speakers, grab the listener by throat and demand to be listened to.

With smart and appropriate breakdowns, metal leads and even some melodic singy parts, GYA does a great job of tying many aspects of hardcore, metal and rock together successfully. Often times releases in this genre may be stale and overdone, but Countdown to Life does an exceptional job of providing a new breath of fresh air to a dying sound. Although GYA is very original in its own light, you can see similarities in it to bands such as Refused, Comeback Kid and Every Time I Die. Produced by Paul Miner (Thrice, Terror and Taken), this album has a very unique sound. It almost has a raw and unpolished sound, but at the same time doesn't let down the listener because of sloppiness.

A criticism of this album would be that there are a few songs on the album that seem out of place. Although the majority of the songs on the album are very catchy and in your face, others slow down the aggressive, in-your-face attitude that makes this album so enjoyable to listen to.

Plagued by a previous negative review, Countdown to Life comes back with a solid sophomore release that could easily be put up with the other hard hitters of this genre. Lyrically sophisticated, musically aggressive and fun, Govern Yourself Accordingly is a great album and highly recommended.