Touché Amoré - Upward Heroic Motive (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Touché Amoré

Upward Heroic Motive (2005)

Exit Stencil

Some blurry-mouthed kid singing over some straight-forward rock music that's supposed to be spastic and arty. And apparently they added Steve Melhman (of Pere Ubu / Rocket from the Tombs fame). Wait, what? I Googled that shit, and apparently the dude drummed for Pere Ubu v.8.0, meaning that he started drumming for them in 1997. That shit ain't street. That's just sad. I tried to look him up on, and he didn't even register. Stupid press sheet, trying to make the band look cool.

The sad thing is, the best thing this band has going for them is that their drummer used to drum for an aging version of a proto-punk band from the seventies. Let's face it. This stuff is just boring, two-chord back and forth stuff with annoying vocals from some dude trying to slur like Tom Verlaine. You can't be in a rock band if you don't rock. And this doesn't really rock. At all.

They even have an eight-minute track on here. And I thought they were boring when they played uptempo two-minute songs. Blah.

At least they're not riding a trend, right? I can't stand it when I'm stuck listening to the latest pop-punk fad. It's just no fun, alright? I can't help it. Next.