MxPx - Let It Happen (Cover Artwork)


Let It Happen (1998)

Tooth & Nail

AHHH! It's refreshing to pop this in the ol' cd player. It's been a few years since MxPx has put out anything worth buying, but this cd makes up for their recent demise. It is an MxPx comp. of old tracks, seven inches, and demo's. The rawness is what does it for me. I liked this band a lot more when they sounded like they were blowing up a garage than when they're tinkering with the production knobs. Don't worry, "Let it Happen" has plenty of catchy, cotton-candy pop-punk songs (Never Learn, So Kill Me, Circumstance), but it also has MxPx doing what they should be doing alot more of, fast, hard, ranting punk/core songs (lifetime enlightenment, elvis is dead,thoughts and ideas). Sure, the religious stand point is still there, but it's hard to notice, and if you really want my opinion, it's kinda cool to hear a band sing about something other than politics and girls all the time (although every song that isn't about Jesus seems to be about a chick). With their last few albums lacking in basically every good category, this is a great cd to show how good this band can be, outside of the public eye. It also comes with a booklet stocked full of cool photos of shows. So, if you've recently lost a little faith in this band, this cd will give you hope. With over 30 songs, it's by far worth the pick up.