Walls of Jericho / With Honor - live in Glen Cove (Cover Artwork)

Walls of Jericho / With Honor

live in Glen Cove (2005)

live show

After about an hour of bus rides, me and my friend finally made it to the Glen Cove Polish Hall at the end of the Banner's set. I kind of wanted to see if this band was worth all the hype I'd been hearing, but I guess it was just my luck. They had a good portion of the room on the floor and apparently had a good reaction.

Modern Life Is War set up after about 15 minutes and opened with the fan favorite "D.E.A.D.R.A.M.O.N.E.S.," off of this year's Deathwish release Witness. Though they were sounding a little off, they had some crowd participation, but lost it torwards the next couple of songs. I think they're a great band but found myself a little, well...bored. It might have been a lack of energy. It might have just been the crowd, or maybe they're just one of those bands who sound a lot better recorded than live. Probably.

Well, With Honor, the reason i'd came down from Queens, finished setting up, and instantly got the crowd moving. There was two-stepping, mic shares, and pile-ons as far as the eye could see. They relied heavily on material from their recent Victory debut This Is Our Revenge as well as their split with the Distance. Overall, they were on spot and put on a solid set full of energy and got an outstanding response from the crowd.

Finally, the night's headliners, Walls of Jericho came out and tore shit up. As a newcomer to this band, their brand of balls out, female fronted, straight up hardcore was like a breath of fresh air. Lead singer Candace Kucsulain jumped around the stage and had more ferocity than half the men in today's hardcore scene. As during With Honor's set, the floor was filled with kids dancing. Candace even called for an old-fashioned circle pit; you just don't see that anymore. Walls of Jericho certainly shattered my misconceptions about them, and left me satisfied.