Volebeats - Like Her (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Like Her (2005)

Turqouise Mountain

There's no simpler way to my satisfaction than simple country-twinged rock'n'roll with plenty of melody and harmony. I'll admit it. I've always liked the Jayhawks, and that newer Candy Butchers album that my boss played me was pretty good. Here's why: Everyone likes pop music. Catchy tunes, good vibes, tried and true formulas -- what's not to like? The Volebeats play your standard country twanged pop, with gorgeous `60s vibes flowing through it, like all the psychedelic pop groups merged together.

And things couldn't be better for the band. Guitarist John Nash also plays in the Witches and Electric Six, and the band had help from friend Ryan Adams who co-wrote "Everytime" for this album and calls the Volebeats "the best American band." Besides that hype, they recently appeared in Steve Martin's new movie, "Shopgirl."

No I don't expect them to change the music industry. No, I don't think they're the greatest band ever. No, I don't think I'll listen to this album much after I'm done reviewing it. But that doesn't mean that this listen through was anything but pleasant. Seriously. Toe-tapping, smile-brewing music. This is a professional band that has put out a professional album, and they deserve the success that they're getting. Recommended for anyone who digs on `60s pop and country twanged rock'n'roll.