The Plus Ones/Travoltas - Going Dutch (Cover Artwork)

The Plus Ones / Travoltas

Going Dutch (2001)


Tommy Shameless

This CD, a split, took forever to arrive, and was a bit of a disapointment when it did. I recently became quite a fan of the Travoltas, falling for the simplicity of the songs, the anything-but-simplicity of the production, and the harmonies. Oh, those harmonies! After getting my grubby hands on "Modern World" and "Teenbeat", I've been trying to track down every thing I can. I saw a listing for this, but it didn't list the songs. Unfortunately, there aren't many. 6 total, 3 from each band. The tracks by The Plus Ones didn't really do anything for me, sounding a bit to much like the Hi-Fives for my liking, only not as good. Of the three Travoltas tunes, "Endless Summer, part II" and "Alright" are both great, although the latter is from "Teenbeat". The third song, "Reform School Girls In Trouble", actually annoys me. Every time I listen to it, I can't help but think of how much better a job I would have done writing and arranging it. It's actually frustrating! Unless you're a die hard fan of either band, this is anything but essential. In fact, it seems more like a throw away, which is a shame, because the Travoltas are one hell of a band. If you're into Beach Boys influenced pop punk, and you haven't heard these guys yet, you don't know what you're missing. However, don't start by getting this release.