Pattern Is Movement - Stowaway (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Pattern Is Movement

Stowaway (2005)


I'm not sure if I've ever seen a band name more descriptive of the band's sound than Pattern Is Movement. All their songs are constructed of moving patterns. That was a shitty intro, eh?

In actuality, Pattern Is Movement utilizes a calculator when writing their songs just as much as a guitar. That's a witty way of saying that they use a lot of time signature changes. Sure, it's math rock, but in the sense that Minus the Bear is math rock. See what I mean? Not only do Pattern Is Movement utilize the math rock, but they do it to create really chill-sounding indie rock. Which doesn't always work right. There tends to be a lot going on in these songs, very much an ADD/schizophrenic burning sensation in your brain.

But just because they have succeded in developing their own sound doesn't mean that they're stuck in a rut. "Maple," the opener, is an upbeat track with multiple layered tracks of guitars and keys washing over stop and go drums. "People and Touch" has affected drums rigorously pounding in the background, yet other songs include a variety of instruments, including strings, banjo and what sounds like a hammer striking an anvil. Stowaway overall is an extremely diverse musical landscape.

God I hate phrases like that. Even moreso when it's all I can think of to describe the sound.

Allright, you want me to give you the lowdown on this thing? It's a pretty rad album. At times it plays like Minus the Bear, John Vanderslice, and Modest Mouse. It's very time signature-oriented without being pushy. It's extremely melodic in the least cliché sense of the word. Go check it out. Why not?