The Code - Alert Aware Involved (Cover Artwork)

The Code

Alert Aware Involved (2002)


When many people hear of a band on A-F Records, they think "Well, this isn't worth it, because they sound like Anti-Flag." But there are two bands on A-F that are deserving of your attention: Much the Same and the Code. In 2002 (these guys have matured a lot) these guys sounded like a more intense and pit-friendly version of the Suicide Machines. The only influence that can be seen from Anti-Flag is a passion for activism and social change. This album isn't too brilliant, but I have listened to their newer stuff and can't wait for the next Code full-length.

What makes the band so much different from any other band in the scene right now is their down to earth attitude. My friend went to Warped `04 in Cincinnati and ended up spending the entire day chatting it up with vocalist Marc Defiant and drummer Seth. They didn't act like stupid rock stars (cough, cough M. Shadows cough) or someone who doesn't care (lead singer of Bullets and Octane cough). Even cooler, that same friend saw them with the Suicide Machines and Big D and the Kids Table and they all remembered him!!! Most people wouldn't give a shit, but like I said, the Code are different.

The music isn't very good, but the Code's DIY roots are what makes them a special band. I would say on this album they sound like they are still developing their sound, but on their past two releases, The Rhetoric of Reason EP and their split with Whatever It Takes, they have definitely showed promise.

Songs like "John Doe," "Riot," and "Seal of Approval" really make this album one that I continually listen to because of the catchy ska mixed in with those raw East Coast gutter punk chords. If you want a taste of what's to come from the Code I suggest the newer stuff, but if you like them a lot then I suggest checking them out live (they kick ass) and then give Alert Aware Involved a spin.

Oh, and Kevin Lyman: More bands like this on Warped `06…just sayin'…please!!!!