Millions of Dead Cops - Magnus Dominus Corpus (Cover Artwork)

Millions of Dead Cops

Magnus Dominus Corpus (2004)

Sudden Death

Punk rock music needs more bands like MDC. You see, a long time ago, punk rock didn't serve as background music to teen movies about the superficial dilemmas of spoiled rich kids, and...oh, screw it. Fans of old-school punk can rejoice, for MDC has assembled their entire original line-up for this release.

For those of you new to the MDC camp, Dave Dictor's style of hardcore vocals is a unique and wonderful thing; rather than high-pitched wailing or nearly indecipherable drill instructor barking, his vocal delivery is nothing more than his agitated voice running through his sarcastic raps, which means lyrics that you can understand without reading the booklet. The music is fast, dirty and aggressive, designed for circle pits rather than therapeutic group hugs. MDC's multi-pronged lyrical spear is both political and satirical, targeting everything from the current administration ("Destroying the Planet") to American history revisionists ("Founding Fathers"), the police ("No More Cops"), and Good Charlotte and their ilk ("Poseur Punk"). Of course, no MDC release would be complete without a few tongue-in-cheek punk ballads ("Girls Like You Make Me Queer," "Let's Kill All the Cops") in addition to songs like "Timmy Yo," a salute to the departed editor of MaximumRock&Roll and a critique of today's Warped Tour punk culture. The fact that MDC can skillfully add a few sprinkles of humor to their vitriol makes them stand out in a unique way and adds to the replay value.

If you're not convinced that you should own this album yet, the album's closing track, "The Ballad of G.W.," should seal the deal. It's a laugh-inducing parody of the "Beverly Hillbillies" theme song, with derisive, biographical lyrics about a certain special someone. This is a song they should be playing on "The Daily Show."

With the most provocative, eyebrow-raising cover art since Leftover Crack's Fuck World Trade, you're not going to find this album in Best Buy or Tower Records anytime soon. You're going to have to search for this one. But it's worth it.