Accidents - Poison Chalice (Cover Artwork)
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Poison Chalice (2005)

Burning Heart

There's only one country where this high-octane rock'n'roll rollercoaster could have been produced, and that's Sweden. Some of these guys played in Voice of a Generation before, and I assume they are all quite in their thirties at least. They released six 7 inches before and a full-length, but this is their first release on Swedish premier punk label Burning Heart.

Put this album in your player, make sure to crank up the volume, close your eyes and get ready for a super speedy bumpy ride without fringes. This is smoking rock'n'roll with a lot of punk attitude. Think of a mixture of ferocious New Bomb Turks, Danko Jones rock power and Ramones' 3 chords topped with a mature voice and the occcasional backings, clappings and a thrilling 3-second guitar solo from time to time.

I kinda like the recent evolution of bands that grab back to the simplicity of music with bands like Teenage Bottlerocket and Chixdiggit in the back of my mind. Although this sounds totally different again, it's in that same uncomplicated trend that the Accidents do their rock'n'roll thing. If you're somewhat bored as I am with the current amount of screamo / emo / indie punk that is coming out, here's a good remedy to get your mood back up where it should be. I can only imagine what a live show with this band could mean.