Sum 41 - Half Hour of Power (Cover Artwork)

Sum 41

Half Hour of Power (2000)

Big Rig

Yeah, Ok, I know there is a review of this already on here- so stop your bitching now. But I haven't written a bad review yet, because well I haven't really heard any totally bad albums this year. That all changed when I heard this.

Can you call this punk? Well, that's up to you... the CD has 1 slightly decent song: "Makes No Difference." The rest of just feels like songs that were written in 5 minutes to fill up space on the album. I don't know if these guys are trying to be funny, but it's not working, maybe to the little 13 year old TRL viewer, but come on guys, most of you are in your 20's, act like it.

I feel its bands like this that are totally ripping off the scene...I know there are tons more bands from Canada who are way more talented than these guys wish they were, i.e. D.B.S, Belvedere, Sector Seven, Grade, and lots of others who should be getting more recognition than this crap.

The music itself, is your typical pop punk teenage party music, with the mid tempo not quite fast drum beats, and the usual whiny vocals. Which also is getting pretty damn old. It was kinda cool at first, but it seems there are so many bands fighting in line to get a piece of fame.

Anyway enough of my ranting and raving, and on with yours, this is gonna get some crazy comments I'm sure.