Oxymoron - Fuck the Nineties...Here's Our Noize! (Cover Artwork)


Fuck the Nineties...Here's Our Noize! (1996)


This is one of the greatest punk albums of the `90s, right up there with Punk in Drublic, And Out Come the Wolves, Dookie, Smash, Against the Grain, etc. It truly baffles me why Oxymoron's Fuck the Nineties...Here's Our Noize! isn't given as much credit as those albums.

Most people know Oxymoron as an Oi! / street punk band from Germany. But this is an incredibly superficial description of the band. They sound British (I actually thought they were British for about a year) and their sound, although it does fall under the Oi! / street punk genre, is very accessible and will please any punk fan. Most of the songs are about down-and-out youth punks.

The album kicks off with "Bored and Violent" which, like every song on the album, has a shout-along chorus. The bridge in this song is really fucking sweet. The next song, "Dead End Generation," is catchy as fuck and rocks even harder. "Dirty Punk" is the best song on the album (and no, it's not a Clash cover). It somehow manages to be fucking fast, fun, catchy, and punk as fuck. The lyrics are about someone who is just getting into punk:

I was raised as a son who should get on.
But what has become of me, their son?
I'm Oi-possessed and like my way.
What has become of me?
"Borstal" is the standard Oi! song about a borstal, but it's really good. The vocals on "Mohican Tunes" are gleefully snotty and you'd swear that they're British (but they're not). "Beware, Poisonous!" rocks fucking hard. Whenever I listen to this song I can picture the band playing it to a bunch of skinheads/mohawked punks chanting along and throwing their fists up to the chorus. "Drug Shock," "Self Rule," and "Nuclear War" are all very fast and rocking. "Dawn Patrol" and "Strike" are both awesome songs with catchy, shout-along choruses. The secret song on the album is called the "Chicken Song," and it's pretty fucking stupid, but it's a nice way to end the album.
I didn't review every song because that would be boring, but the songs I didn't review are good too. BUY THIS FUCKING ALBUM. Even if you don't like Oi! or street punk, I can guarantee you that you will like this album (if you like punk). They are the Cock Sparrer of the `90s.