Pivit - Millennium (Cover Artwork)


Millennium (1998)

Red Eye

Isn't it good to discover new bands? This is the first record I have ever heard by this group, And I'm certainly pleased to say the least. I dont know a hell of a lot about them but I know its a LOT better than most of the repetitive crap coming out of SoCal these days.

Take the sound of Unwritten Law, circa Blue Room, and throw in some Bad Religion with a more melodic sense and you have Pivit. The record suprised me really. Being stereotypical me, I was expecting your usual pop punk, which many bands are capitalizing on today. Yes, the band has the pop punk element as a lot of SoCal bands do, (or most bands with MTV rotation for that matter) but retains incredible speed, great vocal and lyric ranges in their music.

In the 3 days I have had this album, I have absolutely played the hell out of it. Every song just knocks you on your ass. It sucks because a band this talented just dosen't need to be this underated. I had pretty much given up on most bands coming out of SoCal, But Pivit helped reinstill my faith that there are still great bands down there.

I would really like to find out more about this band, I know they have another album besides this one, and come payday, that fucker's mine. I dont know if they're still together, I know Micah, Pivits' bass player went on to play with Unwritten law in their self titled release, and I know they have opened up for such bands as Bad religion, Homegrown, Pennywise, Strung Out, Unwritten Law and others... But other than that my knowledge of this band is limited. So if you comment on my review give me some info on these guys...I would like to know.

Well, If you havent heard Pivit, hopefully you will check them out. Truly one kick ass release. If you like your punk served up fast and melodic Then this might appeal to you.