MxPx - Renaissance (Cover Artwork)


Renaissance (2001)

Fat Wreck Chords

sam strokes

So, I just listened to the "new" MxPx Renaissance EP, and like every other MxPx cd, i didnt like it at first, for some reason every time i hear their cd's i don't like them off the bat, but somehow they continue to grow on me to the point of worship. Now this CD is quite a departure from their last one The Ever Passing Moment, but not from their overall sound of the last couple of years.

This cd has a definite DIY attitude, as it was done competely by the members in their own studio, but the catchiness that you come to expect and love from mxpx. The first song is Lonesome Town, which actually sounds like it could have been from the ever passing moment, its a good song that grows on you after a while. The second track. letting go is represents the best of MxPx, fast drum beat put to Mike Herrera's great voice, with nice guitar riffs by Tom.

The album even has a little hardcore in it with the song time will tell, but the standout track on the cd is the opposite, with a little piano intro , and good relatable lyrics, sounding like no other MxPx song. The cd ends up with unusual MxPx humor, with Yuri wakes up screaming, a good song showing MxPx's sense of humor, something we all know they have, but never show a whole lot of on albums.

The only fault with this, is of course the length, its an EP so thats no suprise, but I guess the mark of any showman is to leave you wanting more, and I for one can't wait to hear what their next album sounds like on the cd, and live.