R.A.M.B.O. - Bring It! (Cover Artwork)


Bring It! (2005)


Hot damn! This album is GOOD. Toss poo at passing cyclists GOOD. Throw a bagel at an SUV GOOD. Fling pennies at the monkeys GOOD. Throw shit GOOD. Whatever.

R.A.M.B.O.'s first album was an experience akin to mowing the lawn or clipping the hedges. Invigorating, but not particularly enjoyable. Wall of Death the System had a few things going for it: Good lyrics, funny song titles, good cover art, entertaining video clips and a jewel case to hold it all together. Unfortunately, the music was neither original nor particularly good.

Bring It is both original (in a limited but still valid kind of way) and good. I think you will agree these are both qualities that one would hope for in a musical album. In an attempt at simplification, I will list a few of the things that are good about it:

  1. Slick production courtesy of that dude from Converge, Kurt Ballou.
  2. A picture of a guy in a cape handing out ass whoopings on the cover.
  3. Melody and heaviness in equal measure.
  4. A song near the end of the album that's almost pop-punk for you mellow lovers.
  5. Lyrics about fighting the system and other shit that will get you pumped up and mad at that little Texan fucker that's on TV all the time.
  6. The person who sings for this band is good at singing for a band.
  7. The people who play instruments for this band are also good at it. I think. I'm not sure I'm entirely qualified to judge.
  8. There are video clips that you can play on the computer (though I didn't watch them yet).
For those of you who feel the need for further clarification, or those who do not prefer lists, I present a few more sentences for the sake of clarification.

R.A.M.B.O. has artfully blended abrasive hardcore with smooth melodies and some bad-ass sing-along choruses. Think of some Swedish bands like Skitsystem or Disfear. Now think of some bands like Strike Anywhere or Gorilla Biscuits. Combine them in your head. You will probably come up with something that sounds nothing like this band. Probably, you should just listen to the album. I think taking things into your own hands instead of relying on your imagination is probably the best course of action. Also, you may be thinking to yourself, "I don't like those bands and furthermore I own none of their albums. Most likely I don't like this band." Don't be foolish. Of course you like this band. Try it, I think you will be surprised. It's got something for everyone (did I mention there is a picture of a guy in a cape on the cover?).