River City Rebels - Playing To Live Living To Play (Cover Artwork)

River City Rebels

Playing To Live Living To Play (2001)


"...moving from side to side /
and all the kids in the pit are ready to ride...

11:59am on the 21st of August is a painfully long minute. When 12:00pm came I ran out the door headed straight for my car. I only had half an hour to make my trip down to the local 'Mega-Mart' (no time to make it to the closest independent store) and return to my job. This has now become somewhat of a ritual for me. Atleast once a month I find myself breaking any existing speed limit to get my hands on the newest greatest release (slight sarcasm as in my eyes bands are putting out a lot of crap nowadays). The flavor of this month for me is The River City Rebels.

I sped back to work unable to listen to the CD in my car since someone decided to steal my CD player (and my entire CD collection) about a month ago. Once I got to work I through it in the CD player not knowing what to expect.

It had been a year since I met Dan from RCR and during that year they overhauled their lineup and this is scary with any band. But I couldn't be more pleased with what I heard.

At work I ran in past the rent-a-pigs and ran straight for my desk. I threw my new purchase right into my CD player and I was blown away.

The Rebels have matured from a snot punk/horn band to a street/oi band with horns. Dan, their new singer, obviously sings from his heart. The addition of Drew on 2nd guitar is a definite improvement. And you can't ignore the unbelievable production/recording quality.

This CD will hopefully become a classic/a must have. I just wish these guys had more publicity as they truly deserve it. It is now 5pm... I have heard the CD for about 6 times and I know every chorus and every "woah". With the Rebels still in my head I will walk out the door...

They're like crack, once you have a taste you can't stop... ... and just in case your curious, imagine Rancid Bouncing Souls Clash Horns... enough said.