Bottle Rocket - Demo (Cover Artwork)

Bottle Rocket

Demo (2005)


I saw this now defunct band open for Tsunami Bomb at The Downtown in Farmingdale, Long Island. I was impressed by their sounded and I thought it was a breath of fresh air to all the emo crowding the airwaves.

The band is composed of 3 guys and one girl and everyone sings except the drummer, giving them a unique sound. The best genre to describe them as would be post-hardcore/pop-punk around the same sound as Latterman, which is no suprise since both bands are from the same area.

The first song, "I Wanna Watch the Grass Grow," is a great start to the album with catchy hooks and a great chorus with guitarists Terence and Brian sharing vocal duties.

The next song "The Light from Your Window," is very powerful and just as melodic as the last song, with Brian on vocals. Brian dedicated this song to his father during their set and it was very emotional.

"We're All Just Dust in the Wind, Dude" is probably the weakest track on the album. It flows into the last song but sounds too similar to make it really distinct. Again, Brian is on vocals.

"Let's Do This!" is the only song sung by the bassist, Clara, and is very catchy, especially the chorus which she harmonizes with Brian on.

The last song, "Tirly Weather," is definatly the best track on the demo, sung by Terence. The lyrics on the song are extremely mature for a 17-year-old and the use of a jangly guitar sound and a distorted sound give it a very unique sound.

It's a shame this band broke up. They had great potential and would have fit in nicely with bands like Latterman and Hot Water Music. If you email the band, you can get the demo for free and I suggest you do because it is amazing.