Various - Cheap Shots And Low Blows (Cover Artwork)


Cheap Shots And Low Blows (2001)


This is Cheap Shots And Low Blows, a collection of early TKO Records Singles and EPs from 1997/1998. Great buy for street punk fans and people who can't get their hands on these out of print records. I wrote this as I listened to it, thats why its kind of spastic and skitzofrentic.

One Man Army

Punk Rock And Roll, A Bit Repetative, Rock 'N Roots

The Forgotten

Class Seperation Kicks Ass Sounding more 77s and less Rancidish like newer stuff. Real good.

Workin' Stiffs

Cockney vocals, pure punk rock


Awesome guitar driven track, "Modern Day Ripper" best song so far. Rootsy punk rock

Lower Class Brats

Im hearing 80s rock for some reason. Its still punk but im catching these Quite Riot vibes for some reason. And here comes the solo! Yikes! Pretty cool still. Can they say, "We cant be beaten" one more time? They can!


Kicks ass, tough as hell. Political lyrics. Punk as fuck. Mean solo! Sing a longs. Good stuff.

Dropkick Murphys

Back when these guys rocked. Early version of The Road Of The Righteous. Much better before they exploded. Great version of The Guns Of Brixton

The Bodies

Early rock and roll influenced pop punk. Fantastic. Best band yet. Four great tracks. Cool vocals, tons-o-fun.

Dead End Cruisers

Not that interesting. This Who cover is putting me throught the cheese grater. Maybe this record is just getting to my head. Damn it, this comp was not made to be played like this! Im getting worn out. Its a street punk overload. One more band....

The Randumbs

These guys sound snottier and trashier then the rest of the bands. Its kind of relieving. Reminding me of The Vindictives in a big way. Last few tracks are a bit punker. Keep pushing...

The Truents

Pretty good band. Very poppy. Catchy. Thats it!