Homer - Living Life (Skaters paradise) (Cover Artwork)


Living Life (Skaters paradise) (1997)


Hans Petter Jørgense

Norway's Homer pack a skate punk punch. These guys play a melodic brand of pop-punk that combines elements of old-school punk and hardcore to create an infectious sound that will definitely fill the slam dance circle. Fans of classic Agent Orange and Bad Religion will get into this band.

Opening with a tight mid-pace melodic riff, "Skaters Paradise" instantly grabs the listener's attention and then takes it on a roller coaster ride of classic California style punk. After the initial riff, the song smoothly flows into a high-speed old-school punk section. Never letting up the speed except for a short break into a melodic center, Homer have found the right pace to catch the listeners interest and run with it.

Lyrically, Homer does not dive into deep subjects about politics or social issues, but instead shows their pop side by being fun and not forcing anything heavy on the listener. "Skater's Paradise" is exactly about what the title implies, a skater looking for a place to be free and skate as much as we wants without the law interfering. A fun and light topic that does not weigh down Homer's pop influenced punk with unnecessary seriousness.

Of course, being a skater is not a prerequisite to enjoying Homer's music. However, a love for speedy melodic punk rock and a DYI attitude will give maximum enjoyment.