We Are Lions - Eight Arms Made This (Cover Artwork)

We Are Lions

Eight Arms Made This (2005)

At One

Yet another band that no one knows about. Yet another band that everyone should know about.

>We Are Lions are a rock quartet with an edge and sound all their own, hailing from Los Angeles, California. Since I stumbled upon their music, I've wanted to hear more and more from these guys. The thing that sets them apart from other emo-type post-punk rockers, apart from their electrifying live shows, is how earnest and catchy their tunes are. While the influences they claim from U2 to Radiohead to Brand New are noticeable, We Are Lions maintain a unique sound. They have some serious potential, and that shines through on their debut release Eight Arms Made This.

Things start off with a kick from "Lovers and Fighters" and carries through into their radio-ready song "La Vendetta Dulce." They employ the somewhat clichéd overlaying vocals here, however pulling this off without weakening the sheer passion behind Adam Whitman's vocals. "If Humans Had Scorpion Tails" features more of their fascination with the keyboard sound and flying guitar lines which ring with a bit of that `80s influence. After the interlude track comes the ballad, "The Greco Roman Goodbye," which is one of the most heartfelt and downright irresistible tunes I've heard in quite some time. Whitman's voice comes across as pleading in the opening lines:

Cause we both know as we get older our tastes will improve, but for tonight let's pretend we've got something to lose.
The rest is sheer magic.

The album picks back up with "Mrs. Modern Home" and the somewhat forgettable "The Handsomest Drowned in the World," heading into the love-heavy nostalgic "January." "Suicide Note Circa 1982" picks up some of the same sound as the beginning of the album and drops into the catchy "Coma Casino." We Are Lions wrap things up the bare vocals and instrumentation of "Songs of Flightless Birds."

Chances are by the disc's end you'll be playing it up again and singing along. I cannot wait to hear what these guys come out with next.