Onset of Effect - Plane Down (Cover Artwork)

Onset of Effect

Plane Down (2005)


Oh great, another band who thought their psuedo-metal riffs and semi-technical guitar work could make up for their horrendously emo vocals.

Just listen to opener "Long Forgotten;" the riff and speed of the song are pretty convincing, but as soon as the first Hawthorne Heights-like vocal (complete with generic backing growl) kicks in, the song merely becomes another entry into a genre long past its due date.

"Follow Me" seems like it might be able to pass with no critical blasting as it comes off like a beefier version of Brandston during its first moments, but soon enough horrible backing screams and unnecessary guitar leads choke away what little life the song had left. Oh, and then comes the acoustic breakdown. It's a real tearjerker, especially when you realize that vocalist Mike Vincze is "Saying goodbye… Letting go."

By the time you get to the three-part fiasco that is "Friendship," you will probably have shut this disc off, unless of course you are a fan of emo's newest manifestation as a radio-friendly, scream sprinkled, fashion focused bonanza. The toned down double bass beats are also a nice touch, reminding you that metalcore isn't too far from these guys' hearts.

The instrumental "Plane Down" might be the best thing this disc has to offer, an atmospheric hush amongst an otherwise painful aural assault, but even then, the guitar leads have "cock rock" written all over them.

Plane Down does have its moments, times when you want to tap your foot and bob your head; the problem is they are crammed between overproduction and a clichéd vocal aesthetic that is much too difficult to ignore.