I Hate Myself - Three Songs [12 inch] (Cover Artwork)

I Hate Myself

Three Songs [12 inch] (2005)

No Idea

Can you really say that I Hate Myself ever really went away? The band itself really centers around Jon and Jim Marburger, brothers (duh) who have been in enough bands together to make up about 10% of No Idea's entire roster. Currently playing together in Die Hoffnung, No Idea touts this release as I Hate Myself "resurfacing" to record three last (doubtful) songs...but again, this could equally have been a release by any of the Brothers Marburger's other groups. OK, well maybe not Pung.

But getting down to the songs themselves, anyone familiar with IHM finds a little more reserved and introspective band. Not present are the over-the-top screams and soft vocals bordering on crying, but an almost pacifistic yell with more interest in conveying a message than an emotion. The guitar and drum work are without a doubt above par with past IHM recordings, but this is to be expected since the last release was five years ago. My first thought when listening was "Karate with more distortion." While some may not agree with that assessment, it kind of gives you an idea of the sound.

While I do like this record, and have been a fan of IHM since the free Blindspot compilation days, I feel kind of let down when listening to this. And not in an "emo" way, either. Almost like these songs should have been left to their current band or to no one at all to play. In fact, I was flat out bored by "Roy Sullivan by Lightning Loved." No Idea plans to release a collections album with all of IHM's songs not on their proper Ten Songs release, and I'm not sure if these three will be on there, but if they are, they will seem slightly out of place.

Overall, not a bad release by these guys, but when you leave such a legacy of great emo anthems, it's sometimes just too difficult to come back.