Towers of London - On a Noose (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Towers of London

On a Noose (2005)


Towers of London are back, and this time, they've got something special: A whole extra minute of music!

That's right -- believe it or not, Towers of London have returned with On a Noose, another two-song EP logging a ridiculous, outlandish, six minutes of music. Now, I really don't understand the rationale between releasing two two-song EPs on CD. If they were 7", that's understandable, but that's not the route they took, so here I am again.

Last time around, the band dropped two raucous, high energy punk rock tracks full of grit and ‘fuck you' attitude. This EP provides more of the same, but for whatever reason, the songs seem much more forgettable. The title track, "On a Noose," is full of bombast and snarling vocals, but on the whole, it's really more repetitive than it needs to be. It's by no means a bad song, but in getting down to the structure of it all, everything that's heard in the first minute of the track is repeated 7 or 8 more times in the subsequent two minutes. The last EP wasn't the most sonically diverse thing I had ever heard, but there was a decent amount of variation to be found.

The second tune, "I Lose It," actually fares a bit better. Big guitars, big vocals, but it's nothing extravagant. It's much less repetitive, and more oriented towards the chorus, but even then, it's able to stay away from really being all that repetitive. "I see you walking through the park!" is said more times than is needed, but it's a minor gripe for such a rocking song. Fuck It Up is a much better introduction to this band, but either way, they've got a great amount of potential to be realized.