Pulley - Esteem Driven Engine (Cover Artwork)


Esteem Driven Engine (1996)


When Ten Foot Pole kicked Scott Radinsky out of the band In late '95 because he wasnt spending enough time with the band because of his baseball obligations, he found himself with no band.

But Scott quickly got back to work, calling on some old friends for help. Mike, (Scared Straight, OYM) Jim, (Strung Out, Frankenstein, Zero Down) Jordan, (Ten Foot Pole, Strung Out) and Matt from Face to Face to form an all star punk band called Pulley.

Their first effort "Esteem Driven Engine" is by far the favorite of most fans. The music was fast, melodic skate punk that pretty much appealed to any fan of any kind of punk In those days.

The album starts off with a song called "cashed in" which is an excellent song to kick it off with...that way it gives you a good idea on how awesome the rest of the album will be. Then on to amazing songs like "crawl" "wok inn" which is an old ten foot pole song, and probably the best loved and most recognized pulley song "no defense".

Truthfully this is one of the very few albums on which I really like every song. Its not the same old repetitive beat whiny vocal punk you hear today. The song and lyric structures are very diverse, each song is so different, and some of the most well written songs I have ever read. And Scotts' vocals are so unique and different, Practically unmistakable.

Pulley didnt really garner recognition from the punk world until a few years after this was released. What recognition they had was from opening up for bands like NOFX, Lagwagon, NUFAN, and others, but as more and more caught on to Pulley, Most instantly became fans.

This is a band that is still epitomizing what fast melodic skate punk is all about, and definitley is a punk force to be reckoned with. I'm confident in saying while all the Pulley albums are really great, this album just blows the others away. I can't praise this band enough.