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Best of 2005

Sickboi's picks (2005)

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"The ironing is delicious…"

2005 was truly a year that liked to mess with my emotions. Here, have a Kid Dynamite reunion, but now you're losing Hot Water Music. Lifetime reunites for Hellfest, which I refuse to attend, then Hellfest gets cancelled, and I get to see them 2 nights in a row. Jeebus works in mysterious ways.

And hardcore coming back? Yes! 7 Seconds, Kill Your Idols, Bane and many other "real" hardcore bands came back to show the screaming babies and chug-chug steakheads what intense music is really about.

But wait, there's more. Green Day! Green Day! Green Day! I love these guys as much as the next mid-20's punkrawker, but I please Billie Joe, go away for a little while. The Matt Skiba look doesn't even look good on Matt Skiba.

Speaking of fashion…..ugh. That about sums up fashioncore and dancepunk. While everyone and their white belt was losing a load to Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand and DFA 1979, I was losing my lunch. I mean, yes, our scene can be fun. But this shit is just goofy. Look at your parents' photo albums from when they were teens, and wonder what they think now. Style over substance…..sigh.

So what else? Video of the Week launched this year. Not to pull my own chord, but I think it was pretty rad we could pull this off. Thanks to the many labels and artists that either agreed to let me film, and/or agreed to allow us to show your stuff on PN.

Top 20 of the 0 to tha fizzle
20. Shook Ones – Sixteen
Anything that is influenced as heavily by Kid Dynamite is good enough. These guys actually add to it.
19. With Honor – This is Our Revenge
I was a little late getting on the bus with these guys but am glad I did. Great melodic hardcore.
18. Stretch Arm Strong – Free At Last
Definitely a grower on me. Hated it at first, but slowly found myself listening to it everyday.
17. Bane – The Note
Equal Vision
Yes, for the millionth time, its no "Give Blood", but honestly, what is? Regardless, this is still about 99% better than all of the other hardcore out there.
16. The Unseen – State of Discontent
Call this my "guilty pleasure".
15. Kill Your Idols – From Companionship to Competition
Side One Dummy
Just when you think hardcore is a dying bread, leave to some veterans to show you how it's done.
14. Propagandhi - Potemkin City Limits
G7 Welcoming Committee / Fat Wreck
Intelligent, aggressive and thought-provoking.
13. Western Addiction – Cognicide
Fat Wreck
I don't know what to label these guys, so I won't. No frills punk rock.
12. Street Dogs – Back to the World
Brass Tacks
Mike McColgan has finally separated himself from his DKM fame. This sophomore effort walks the thin line between street punk and straight rock n' roll. And does it well.
11. The Aquabats – Charge!!
I don't think I've had this much fun with a record in a longtime.
10. Darkest Hour – Undoing Ruin
I don't listen to a lot of metal. But I do listen to Darkest Hour. Do the math.
9. A Wilhelm Scream - Ruiner
The guys suffered from the same problem as Bane. And from a lot of "haters". Don't believe everything you read, because AWS are one of the best and most innovative & exciting bands to come out in a long time.
8. Comeback Kid – Wake the Dead
Time to face facts kids, this album is better than "Turn it Around". Better lyrics, better music, just better. Just because you can't perform floor punches and windmills to every song, it doesn't make it bad.
7. Teenage Bottlerocket - Total
Red Scare
Pop punk is alive and well.
6. Against Me! - Searching For A Former Clarity
Fat Wreck
Hate! Hate! Hate! Don't pay attention to the label, pay attention to the music. AM! Are not the basement band you can feel cool that no one else knows about anymore, get used to it.
5. The Suicide Machines - War Profiteering Is Killing Us All
Side One Dummy
Ska, Punk and Hardcore have never been played so well together by one single band.
4. Paint It Black - Paradise
Jade Tree
I still say "CVA" was better.
3. Lagwagon – Resolve
Fat Wreck
I've been a casual Lagwagon fan at best since I first heard them in the mid-90's. This record changed that. Joey Cape is one of the best songwriters of our time.
2. 7 Seconds – Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over!
Side One Dummy
This has been my #1 album all year. Positive hardcore, making you want to sing along to every song over and over again. Aggressive feel-good music.
1. Smoke Or Fire - Above the City
Fat Wreck
I don't know if a record and a band have ever grown on me so much. When I first hear this album, immediate "meh". Liked maybe, 2 songs. After a few road trips of playing this album start to end, I started to appreciate it more and more. Until it made an almost daily trip to my car stereo. Honest and sincere post-hardcore, though more aggressive in nature, Smoke or Fire are picking up where Hot Water Music left.
EP of the Year
The Loved Ones - The Loved Ones
Jade Tree
Rock, but punk-influenced. 2005 was their introduction, 2006 will be their coming out party.
Best Reissue
Inquisition – I Think It's Called Inspiration
Best Collections
The Lawrence Arms – Cocktails and Dreams
Asian Man
Rumbleseat - Is Dead
No Idea
Snuff – Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other (1986-2002)
Fat Wreck
    Side A
  1. Snuff – "Martin"
  2. Comeback Kid – "Wake the Dead"
  3. Lagwagon – "Virus"
  4. The Aquabats – "Fashion Zombies"
  5. The Loved Ones – "Chicken"
  6. Against Me! – "From Her Lips to God's Ears"
  7. Stretch Arm Strong – "Hearts on Fire"
  8. The Lawrence Arms – "Quincentuple Your Money"
  9. Teenage Bottlerocket – "Bloodbath at Burger King"
  10. Paint it Black – "The Pharmacist"
    Side B
  1. Shook Ones – "Please Read"
  2. Smoke or Fire – "Loving, Self-Loathing"
  3. Street Dogs – "You Alone"
  4. Bane – "Pot Committed"
  5. 7 Seconds – "Still On It"
  6. Modern Life is War – "D.E.A.D.R.A.M.O.N.E.S."
  7. Western Addiction – "Charged Words"
  8. The Unseen – "Scream Out"
  9. Propagandhi – "Rock For Sustainable Capitalism"
  10. Kill Your Idols – "Only Dicks Don't Like Black Flag"
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