Valencia - This Could Be a Possibility (Cover Artwork)
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This Could Be a Possibility (2005)

I Surrender

Somewhere between the Starting Line and Fall Out Boy, Valencia reside.

Now that only two people are reading this review...I kid. But seriously, if you want originality, I'd advise you look far, far away from This Could Be a Possibility, as this album encompasses everything already done by the genre hundreds of times, and brings nothing new whatsoever to the table. But judging them at nothing more than face value, I can't say this is an entirely worthless effort.

The rhythms are tight, the production fresh, and the songwriting shows a relative maturity that shouldn't have to be brought into question. Again, it's only hitching a ride on a train that's long since left the station, but it's still got a tight grip on that car. Aside from a track or two, it's all mid-paced pop-rock with infectious hooks galore, and relatively basic melodic guitar work, and it establishes itself early on. All is well until the fourth track, "Tenth Street," causes a break in the momentum, with a slower, relatively boring song. There's nothing wrong with breaking up the monotony to put a song with a different style in there, but the song simply isn't "good." The jangly guitar work and uninspired vocals just don't sit well with me, and neither do the junior high lyrics. "The Closest I Am to Living Life on the Edge" speeds things back up, but the lyrics don't stray far, with lines like "The heart will break but it does not bend." At this point, I'd say that it's better to not even listen closely enough to hear the lyrics, and instead focus on the singer's voice. It's strong, crystal clear, and he can carry some great melodies that frankly just makes the rest of the song sound better. "Will We Ever Know How?" resides about halfway through the album, and is really the highlight of things, as the guitar work is able to really shine, and the vocals finally sound sincere enough to really believe. But when it comes down to it, it's too little, way too late.

There's a great track here and there, but this is nothing to see, nothing to stop and look at. Valencia's brand of pop-rock is nothing more than a flash in the pan.