Bomb the Music Industry! - To Leave or Die in Long Island (Cover Artwork)

Bomb the Music Industry!

To Leave or Die in Long Island (2005)


Bomb the Music Industry! lives for their music career. A branch off of the Arrogant Sons of Bitches, Bomb! brings forth a clash of punk, ska, hardcore, and good times. With no means of profit, Bomb! makes a stance of making sure their fans come first. Hell, they would rather not eat over not playing a show. I think a few bands need to take some hints.

I downloaded the album (all their albums are on their webpage for free, they don't sell anything) and gave it a spin after burning it. I was stoked to finally hear this band, but within the first 5 seconds I was having other thoughts. The opening track, "Happy Anterrabae Day!," starts like a Poison album would: Loud synth, powerful guitars…a strong buildup of sorts. But wait, I thought you said this was punk! Well, within a minute after that intro, I was ready to start shouting along.

There are many faces to Bomb! There is the thrash, the ska, the punk, and lastly, the acoustic Bomb! It's all in good fun; they will have you singing along at shows, if you like it or not. The instrumentals are great and they tie in a wide variety: Bells, keyboards (the kind you hit with a mallet), synth, and the regular drum / bass / guitar outfit. To me at times they can sound like Against Me! mixed with Big D. Other times, NOFX with Pennywise.

This is definitely self-produced; at times it can seem a bit messy and choppy and some levels are off. Bomb! isn't about overproducing, plus they haven't the money. So if production is your thing, I heard AFI is coming out with a new album soon. Through a lot of sarcasm and plenty of hooks, Bomb! brings forth songs with a lot of meaning. Some melancholic, some angry, some happy, yet not many songs about girls…oh well. A lot of lyrics are aimed towards those that take for granted what they have.

I didn't have directions and I hadn't eaten anything all day.
We sucked a fat one and wasted a hundred dollars just to play.
I ate a bag of peanuts right before the windy road.
And I couldn't drink a thing all night ‘cause of the vomit in the back my throat
Go to a Bomb the Music Industry! show, see what they have to offer. After they spray a shirt for you and hand you a plain CD-R with their hard work burned into the plastic come and comment on how shitty this band is and wrong I am. Or just download the music to your awesome iPod and enjoy.