F-Minus - Won't Bleed Me / Failed Society (Cover Artwork)


Won't Bleed Me / Failed Society (2005)

Alternative Tentacles

I imagine most people here would have seen "Terminator 2" as a kid growing up. For me it was actually one of the first films I ever saw. I loved it so much I never stopped to think there would even be a prequel to that, never mind how good it was. Kids, eh. Finally last year I shelled out for the original on DVD and lo and behold, it just wasn't as great. Yeah, it was quite enjoyable, and having seen that first I think it would have been just enough for me to want to check out the "later material."

That's how I feel about F-Minus' latest release, Won't Bleed Me / Failed Society, a collection of their first two vinyl-only EPs with a couple of old covers chucked in for good measure. This is the older, simpler, inferior sibling of Wake Up Screaming, although it must be said this still packs a fair punch and is a great introduction to the band. Featuring a lineup of Sarah Lee, Jennifer Johnson, Chris Lagerborg and of course Brad Logan, all 20 tracks weigh in at 15 minutes and 40 seconds. What's that, two Coheed & Cambria tracks? If F-Minus had a comic book accompanying their releases, it would probably feature some mightily pissed off lower class dude going 'round a dark, bleak city beating the absolute shite out of anyone who had even slightly annoyed him (or her) in any way. (Think money-grabbing bosses, politicians...even your local vicar.) And there wouldn't be any calculated, drawn out violence in there either á la Frank Castle. That takes far too long. Why go around slowly taking out each individual when you can nuke the whole damned island?

That's what you're getting here. No bullshit, just to-the-point hardcore as in Minor Threat and Negative Approach, the latter being covered twice here. (The other non-EP cover being of Agnostic Front.) Basically, this is either your thing or not. If it is your thing, you will probably know that F-Minus always seem to have the edge over a lot of bands today in this field. Tracks like "Living Hell," "Gun to My Head" and "Peer Pressure" are standouts from the pure blur of listening to this record (probably back to back), even though the rage is felt all the way through. Believe me. Although AT took the step of putting the slightly newer (by one whole month) EP in the track listing first, and therefore you can feel the meager drop in recording quality at track 10 (the opener from Failed Society), the sound is generally rough and rasping. So, the perfect match for F-Minus. Recommended for fans of the band, and although not their strongest release, it might make sense to start here. Without a doubt they got stronger with each release.