Randy - Randy the Band (Cover Artwork)


Randy the Band (2006)

Fat Wreck Chords

The boys and me got some history, we're a mystery / We're still getting it on, writing our songs / And we still do everything that we can sticking it to the man
- "Punk Rock High," Randy the Band These few lines from the opening track, "Punk Rock High," basically sum up the band and this album. They seem to be in their own world of rock, and after past infections of "Rockin' Pneumonia and the Punk Rock Flu," they have returned on Randy the Band throwing "Molotov Rocktails." Anyone who has followed the career of this band knows they have consistently delivered hit album after hit album, and their newest work is no exception.

There is no doubt they have honed in on their melodic side this time around, as every track is catchy-as-can-be rock‘n'roll. By now they have done plenty to establish themselves as Randy and should not need any comparison, and yet an allusion to the Clash seems unavoidable.

They adorn the cover in leather jackets, creating their own spotlights with light rays from behind their shades. The back of the album features neon pink vomit, as well. Another bonus is provided in the form of illustrations that compliment each track's lyrics.

Tracks like "Razorblade," "Evil," The Pretender," and "Going Out With the Dead," like most of the other tracks on the album, are unmatched, catchy punk-pop. However, most tracks on the album, aside from their catchy style, also hold important messages not far beneath the surface.

Another subtlety is the guitar work that accompanies the lyrical themes. Great guitar solos fill the gaps, providing a treat for the ear, while not drawing attention away from the melodies -- basically being awesome, while taking a backseat to the themes.

Randy the Band is another great album for the Swedish rockers. With nothing left to say, I'll leave you with the band's reassertion of their punk lifestyle in "I Raise My First:"

I'm still vegetarian, anti-America / I'm still socialist and I still raise my fist / I'm still anarchist / I'm still atheist / I'm still pissed, because some things they enlist / I raise my fist