The Missing 23rd - The End of an Error (Cover Artwork)

The Missing 23rd

The End of an Error (2004)


Missing 23rd? Who?

The Missing 23rd were a melodic hardcore band from Oxnard, California, home of the famous nardcore scene. Founded in 1995, they broke up in 2004, following their second studio album Ctrl.Alt.Del. Well known for their socially conscious but un-preachy lyrics, they had the sound of a rougher but more straight-ahead Good Riddance.

So What's This Then?

Prior to their breakup, the lads were working on some songs for a new studio album. Those songs are included on here, as well as other non-album tracks, some taken from various splits. This is basically their valedictory album for the fans who followed them and wanted some more material.

What Does It Sound Like?

The new songs are slower with a more driving rhythm. It's clear they were going for a new sound for the new album. "Everything Must Go" however demonstrates how the new sound combines aggressive vocals with a less aggressive instrumental backing. The middle section of the CD sounds like B-sides from Ctrl.Alt.Del. and the closing end slows things down again, to just behind Ctrl.Alt.Del. pace. There's also a "`Til It's Gone" (opening track) remix tacked on the end. Minus that remix, the last 3 songs feature the best production by far. None of the songs have bad production, though there is a noticeable change between some tracks.

Any Good?

Yeah, quite. The first 2 tracks are superb and really highlight the shame it is that these guys broke up. The biggest problem here is that most of the album drifts by without grabbing you and demanding you to listen. Hey, it's B-sides, what do you expect? As usual for B-side albums, the flow does suffer, although only slightly. There aren't any absolutely awful songs on here and will certainly quench any fan's thirst for new songs; this collection is certainly not disappointing in any way. Granted, some of the really slower and sludgy moments may have you cringe at first and wonder what the guys were playing at, but honestly, the songs are enjoyable enough.

Only a 6? Why? Should I buy it?

Well in my opinion, Ctrl.Alt.Del. was an 8 album and I reckon this is a full 2 notches behind that. It's quite good for fans of the band, but I would not recommend this over the previous 2 releases. So yeah, buy it if you love the band. You will enjoy it. But be aware that the chances are you've already heard the best 2 songs: "`Til It's Gone", which appeared on the 2003 Warped compilation, and a fantastic cover of the DK's "Moral Majority."

Who Are the DKs?

Shouldn't you be at Hot Topic looking for some black hair dye?