Mad Caddies - The Holiday Has Been Cancelled (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Mad Caddies

The Holiday Has Been Cancelled (2000)

Fat Wreck Chords

Submitted for your approval: 5 tracks of varying lengths and difficult horn parts, with lyrics that really make you wonder how emo this band really is. I know that sounds wacky, considering that the Mad Caddies, for all intents and purposes, are a Fat Wreck punk/ska band with blistering drum beats, super fast power chords, and a goofy stage show to be reckoned with. But come in closer, and take a look at just how emo the Caddies really are:

Track one, "Falling Down" -- "the day we met upon a cold December, the day we met and I started to fall."
Track two, "Nobody Wins at the Laundromat" -- "A blackened wick is all that remains when the verdict has been sent."
Track three, "Something's Wrong at the Playground" -- "A cherry burning bright, but a future that's not."
Track four, "Destro" -- "I wanna see you when everything's gone."
Track five, "S.O.S." -- ok, so this is an ABBA cover. But ABBA was pretty emo, right?

EXHIBIT TWO: Liner Notes
Contained after the thanks list, there is a little note from a band member:
"[W]hat you hear on this record is not so much a labor of love as it is an impromptu jam. It is a spur of the moment thing we couldn't really recreate if we tried."
Does that not just completely sound like thrown-together emo supergroup Radio Flyer? Come on, you have to be starting to see it now. And finally, the final piece of evidence.
Inside the booklet, there are associated pictures put together, like in most CDs. Does this mean that all CDs are emo? No [although by the looks of it these days, that might change. Rap Rock can only live for so long. But I digress]. What is emo are two different series of pictures: one being the same shot from a live show repeated in a vertical row, each frame being a different color, the other being a line of photos running across the bottom of the booklet horizontally, each being a seemingly random shot of the outside and inside of a motor home. Fat has realized that emo is the next big thing, so It is only a matter of time before we see No Use For A Name in V-neck sweaters and Good Riddance in horn-rimmed glasses. Regardless, this EP still sounds great, emo or not, and it is a wonderful follow-up to "Duck and Cover."
[taken from a different kind of greatness webzine]