The Adicts - Sound of Music [reissue] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Adicts

Sound of Music [reissue] (2002)

Captain Oi!

O' my brothers, this starry disk is real horrorshow. Some of the most smecking good music I've ever slooshied, almost like old Ludwig Van. Spend your pretty polly on this, not some oozhassny Lower Class Brats disk. It's real fun, and made me smile right across my litso. This is the second record by the Adicts, a bunch of malenky punks dressed in the height of droog fashion.

OK, I can't write a whole review in Nadsat. If someone else wants to try, go ahead, but I'm not gonna fucking do it. So yeah, this is basically a really fun Ramones-style pop-punk album, with a few forgettable songs, and a few really great ones. The best moments are probably the "oh"'s in "How Sad," which does sound like it would go well with scenes from "Clockwork." The catchy-as-hell "Chinese Takeaway" is another standout track, with its inclusion of acoustic guitar and simplistic lyrics. Another song, "Joker in the Pack," benefits greatly from the use of fiddle.

Included on this 2002 reissue are three bonus tracks, including the almost Celtic-sounding "You'll Never Walk Alone." The CD ends with a fantastic cover of "I Wanna Be Sedated," which only suffers because the singer, Monkey, isn't nearly as talented as Joey Ramone. Anyway, Sound of Music is a fun record, and definitely worth getting out your bowler hat, oversized boots, and sword-cane for.