It Burns! / the Phenoms - Split [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)

It Burns! / the Phenoms

Split [7 inch] (2005)


There isn't much to say about the three short songs on this split.

It Burns! offer up two no frills, three-chord punk songs with shouted vocals. Both are short and simplistic, lacking in nearly every songwriting department except for the one labeled "fun." I would have called their two offerings "lo-fi," but then I heard what was on the flipside of the record.

The Phenoms belt out a quick and bouncy tune that sounds like New Bomb Turks if they recorded live through one mic that was hooked up to a crumbling four-track. Yeah, they've got some swagger, but the way the singer raises his tone to a higher pitch at the end of every line grows annoying.

Also, it comes on clear vinyl.