Robots and Empire - Crawling from the Wreckage (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Robots and Empire

Crawling from the Wreckage (2005)


As luck, or maybe misfortune would have it, I've missed Robots and Empire three times now, twice at my school because of prior obligations, and once at Rhythmden. It was either them or With Honor, so they got the short end of the stick there. This makes Crawling from the Wreckage the first time I've actually listened to the band, and I'm really pretty indifferent.

The four-song EP really offers very little in the way of replay value, and in most instances, little value while the disc is actually being spun. It's not what I'd consider bad, it just seems like each song has so little going on that there's nothing to even tell about the disc. "Bell Tower" starts out with some low, churning riffs, but instead of a wicked scream entering the fold, as those riffs hinted at, the vocals at first are more of a slow, menacing scowl, before turning into some uninspired singing in which the vocalist is seemingly trying way too hard to be Daryl Palumbo. Had they kept with those more harsh vocals, this track could have been an extremely solid one, as the deep guitar grooves were crushing for the entire duration. This is truly the only memorable song on the entire album, however, as the rest of things just recycle some chunky riffing and Palumbo ripoffs. The vocalist himself isn't particularly bad, but the style he's using does not mold well with the music, and it grows tiresome in a pretty short amount of time, no easy task considering the entire EP is only 14 minutes.

At the end, I'm just as indifferent as the beginning. I can't imagine anybody hating this band, but there's just so little to remember that it's not worth discussion.