Limp - Fine Girl EP (Cover Artwork)


Fine Girl EP (1998)

Fueled By Ramen

Limp. Living proof that intelligence and pop-punk can co-exist peacefully.

This ep is kinda mysterious. Limp is an Honest Don's band, yet it's released on FBR. The linear notes mention a third guitarist, but he's nowhere to be heard on any of the five songs. All the lyrics are included, except for one song,'Dork'. The back page of the booklet has desturbing pictures with porno content. Who knows what they were thinking with all of this, but I do know it's a great ep.

The fast and short 'Fine Girl' starts the cd, then into 'New Reason', and really good uptempo, diverse changes kinda song. Next is quite possibly one of the best Limp songs ever. 'Passed Out' is so infectous, with its quirky leads, ska rythm, and cool double-bass beats, that you are guarunteed to play it more than once in a sitting. 'Dork' is an awesome song, damn near pop-punk perfection, and 'Exit' closes the ep with a taste of something a little different.

I know one day Limp will recieve the recognition they deserve. I just hope it's before I get fed up with this country and move to the jungles of Madagascar.