Pink Razors - Waiting to Wash Up (Cover Artwork)

Pink Razors

Waiting to Wash Up (2006)

Robotic Empire

I bought Waiting to Wash Up by the Pink Razors earlier this month after catching an amazing set by the band. The CD isn't quite as good as their live set, but it's a good way to start 2006.

First off, to anyone questioning the comparisons that have been laid on this band, yes, they will appeal to you if you like Dillinger Four and Screeching Weasel. Both influences show up much more live, though. On CD, however, one would guess that these guys listen to a lot of Buzzcocks (see the bridge of "Sew It Seems"). That may be why they sound like the Explosion at times, as well. Now, enough with the lazy journalistic comparisons.

The album starts off in a somewhat similar fashion as Bad Religion's Recipe for Hate. A distorted guitar stumbles through a riff, free of tempo, as if the band had just picked up and was finishing a sound check. Then, the band comes together for two notes before the vocals kick in. And boy, do they kick in. Once the album gets going, it only slows down for a 37 second a cappella song sung into an answering machine. Every other song is an under-two-minutes blast of snot and spit.

And they're funny. The booklet is all handwritten, and it's hilarious. I won't spoil it for those who may buy the album, but they have a list of rejected album titles, which includes Smells Like Chixdiggit!

The songs are instantly memorable, for the most part, even if one hasn't heard the album in a while. This is a good thing, but I only found this out because the album isn't quite engaging enough to stay permanently in my stereo. The songs are catchy, but nothing life-changing. I can't even come up with much to say about the songs, other than that they are fast, tight, loud and fun. I don't think that's a slight. I think that's exactly what the band was aiming for.

Waiting to Wash Up is a good buy for fans of Pink Razors' obvious influences. It'd be an incredible buy used. But if you want the best deal, see them live. They blasted through a long list of songs in a basement with barely any room on stage, and it was one of the best shows I've seen in years.