Thee More Shallows - More Deep Cuts (Cover Artwork)
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Thee More Shallows

More Deep Cuts (2005)


It's been discussed time and time again that a lavish display of instruments is no longer a novelty in modern music, yet Thee More Shallows' beautiful instrumental consistency cannot be matched on their Turn Records release More Deep Cuts. While sounding painstakingly similar at times to the hushed voice of Ben Gibbard, songwriter Dee Kesler produces a sound that even the most critical of indie enthusiasts should find pleasure listening to.

"Post-Present" begins the album with a somewhat eerie, haunting tone in addition to its repetitive synth beat. The following track, "Pre-Present," cleverly uses puns on the word present in the lyrics, "The present in your lap has already been unwrapped. Already given and already used many times before you," making one question whether the present he speaks of is the experience of existence or an actual material possession. Well developed lyrics certainly make themselves at home on this record.

More Deep Cuts' next track "Freshman Thesis" launches a string ensemble into the mix to enhance the dreamy sensation it provides. The album's most praiseworthy song remains the seventh track, "Cloisterphobia," which introduces a whole new feel to the album with its two-minute buildup and beautiful follow-through. From this track on, toy pianos and even female vocals appear, creating a more unique, yet still delicate and thoughtful sound.

Kesler spent nearly three years completing More Deep Cuts, and for those able to appreciate soft, melodious music in the vein of Yo La Tengo, it's certainly apparent that this album is nothing less than a gem.

Freshman Thesis
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