Trust in Few - Shit List (Cover Artwork)

Trust in Few

Shit List (2006)

Spook City

Hardcore has been evolving into a completely new form of music that seems to have lost its way in the gene pool. The genre has been pumping out thoughtless content disguised as legit for years with the hope of getting recognized, at the very least, as a milestone in hardcore progression. Someone decided to fuck up the routine and go with what ailed him; that someone was Frankie of Death Before Dishonor. That being said, Trust in Few is "roots" hardcore with enough heart to lead a movement, enough passion to incite riots and a special blend of diversity to make this release stand out as that milestone.

Topping out at seven tracks and literally tossing out a superb EP with only five songs, TIF is the soundtrack to the barroom brawl you missed because you were still hung over from New Year's Eve. Its early January debut didn't make a lot of release charts at your local music slum and the oversight may be in your favor (like you're the first kid to show everyone the windmill maneuver in your circle type of notoriety).

It's possibly the mixture of hardcore and punk that makes it's way into my heart, but the "sing-along" fusion of street style and post-hardcore lead the way into my stereo on a daily basis. This EP ends strong (in the way Cash would have intended) with "My Barroom and My Beer," which leaves you wanting to slow dance with a pint in one hand and your cock in the other. A total rundown barely breaking 11 minutes means it may have been over before it really started, but it's not going to break your bank either. This album is intense, different and most of all just plain fucking fun.