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Attractive (2005)

Welcome Home

An impressive pedigree can be a real detractor for a band that's just starting out.

Once it's known that the singer, drummer, or any other member was in _____, immediately the expectations to write some great music are thrust upon the band, often undeservingly so. It's not always the individual members, but the sum of their parts. In any event, Attractive have nothing to worry about. Boasting three members of Buffalo's seminal hardcore export Snapcase, and a member of indie pop band Six Going on Seven, they already have a lot to live up to.

Drawing far more from the latter of those influences, Attractive impress mightily on their three-song self-titled debut. Boasting lush pop tunes over a post-punk background, each song is well crafted to stand tall in a variety of areas. Joshua English's soulful vocal delivery is an immediate draw into the music, and one that doesn't even hint at fading anywhere through the path of these songs. While he does seem a bit reserved at times, his approach really cannot be faulted, as the capacity he's used in is one that's perfectly fitting over the bouncing rhythms. Lyrically, the band strays away from any tired clichés, and while nothing groundbreaking, I can say that I can't find an immediate comparison to their style of storytelling.

Matching the maturity in the storytelling is the overall songwriting craft. Subtle and somewhat understated, the guitar tones are rich, the bass full, and the drumming tight and succinct with everything else. The guitars are loud when they need to be, quiet when they need to be, and provide just the right rhythms to propel each song through its relatively short duration. "Mother Tongues" has a terrific back and forth feel to it, with the strongest bouts of musicianship that the band showcases, and it's simply impressive how well these four gel as a unit.

Attractive are a band that does live up to its pedigree, even while three of the four members couldn't be playing a style farther away from their previous ventures. Definitely awaiting a full-length from this talented outfit.