On the Outside - Tragic Endings (Cover Artwork)
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On the Outside

Tragic Endings (2005)


In 2005, Thorp Records went on a signing rampage that, when it comes down to it, didn't really net them very many noteworthy acts. Out of the 10 or so bands signed this year, only Angel City Outcasts released anything of real substance, with most other acts just putting out middling efforts that won't even be remembered a month or two after the fact. On the Outside can also be thrown into this category, as Tragic Endings offers nothing that can't be found by countless other bands on countless other labels.

Of course, for many fans of hardcore, this is of absolutely no consequence, since you'll be listening to the album anyway. And really, what you'll find is a solid effort, albeit one best enjoyed while pretending nobody has ever played this style before. Their straightforward sounds will make fans of Madball happy, as it doesn't stray far away from albums made by the New York Hardcore stalwarts. Mid-tempo songs, with a churning rhythm section and angrily spat vocals, that's just what these ten tracks will serve up in less than twenty minutes time.

So assuming you enjoy Madball and the like, each of the ten songs should be right up your alley. All staying comfortably in the one to two-minute mark, the tracks serve up ample attitude and machine gun drum fills, with the straight arrow vocals of Kyle Tranten leading the charge. His methodical delivery is as venomous as anything else you'll find, while it's the lyrics that come out swinging, and eventually leave with two black eyes. Perseverance? Check. Vigilance? Check. Enemies? Check. I can't help but shake the feeling that I'm listening to Terror, and that Scott Vogel is going to jump into my living room ordering me to execute a furious level 7 difficulty stage dive before two-stepping to the merch table in the back.

All jokes aside, these five guys make no bones about who they are and what they're playing, and I can respect that. I may have heard it a thousand times before, but if it was decent then, it's still decent now.