Jawbreaker - Live 4/30/96 (Cover Artwork)


Live 4/30/96 (1999)


Despite the greatness of this band, I don't really think they should have a live album. They sound quality is fair to good, and the song selection is pretty decent, but 'Dear You' is a tough act follow. Classics like 'Jinx Removing' and 'Accident Prone' are present, along with three prevoiusly unavailable songs, 'Shirt' being the best of those. There are only like 10 songs (I'm doing this from memory), and a couple of them sound worse than others.

This live album does convey the beauty of Jawbreaker's rawness. A three piece that can almost sound sloppy at times, but when looking at the whole picture, can sound as tight as anyone. But, 'Dear You' was such a landmark in music, I think you'ld have to be crazy to try and follow it with anything less than 'miraculous'. It is a cool addition to the Jawbreaker fiend's (me) collection, but to the occasional or first time listener, it might turn you off a little to one of the most important bands in recent history. However, a rating of 6 does the album plenty of justice. Jawbreaker could release a monotone recitation of their lyrics with no music, and I'd give it at least a 5.